Newly Open at Pender Gardens, St Julian's Malta

His Story Barber Shop

Luxury Barber Shop in the heart of Perder gardens, St Julian's, Malta

Our Story so far..

How it all started..

 Let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with being a man and wanting to be pampered. Sometimes getting a perfect shave is difficult, and going the route of cutting your own hair can always be a dicey choice. Whether you are attending an upcoming event, or just want to look your best at all times, the value of a shave and haircut can never be overstated.

We at His Story Barber Shop are a group of barbers who are here to serve men’s grooming needs. As a new player on the scene, we have opened a modern, chic new barbershop in an attractive area of St. Julian’s, a primary hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. So whether you are on vacation and want a clean shave and professional haircut, or live in the area and are looking for a go-to barber who will recognize your face and know what you need before you even ask, you will find what you need in our comfortable, attractive and newly built location.  

We specialise in men’s haircuts and facial grooming, all with the modern man in mind. Our new and state of the art facility shows clearly our vision, which is to make every man that walks through our doors for a haircut or shave feel and look his absolute best. From the moment you walk in we want you to feel both at home and as though your personal grooming needs are going to be met with attention and professional concern. Being completely observant from washing to cutting and brushing off the final bits of hair from your clothes, our staff will cater to your needs in the most professional and watchful manner possible.     

The fashionable man not only dresses well, but grooms well. At His Story Barber Shop we are here to provide you with the look you desire, and which will make you stand out.